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Question: Are the shirts short sleeve or long sleeve?
Answer: All of the shirts that are displayed for the men are short sleeve - unless you see an image that actually shows a long sleeve shirt. We are adding long sleeve shirts all the time. If you want to know what long sleeve shirts are available, send us email and we will let you know.

Question: Front Graphic not guaranteed? What does that mean?
Answer: The US manufacturers change the shirt front design about four times a year. It is next to impossible to keep up with changes. However, there are a number of dealerships that CAN guarantee the design on the front. The Alaska shirts and Hawaii shirts are a few that can. There are some others through out the US. Also, most of the foreign shirt fronts can be guaranteed, as well as the women's shirts.

Question: I don't see a long sleeve shirt displayed, is it still possible to get one?
Answer: Yes! However, there usually aren't alot of these to go around; especially in the Fall and Winter. The way we handle this is for you to open up an order for a short sleeve shirt. Then send us an email once you receive your order confirmation, indicating that you wish to get a long sleeve shirt. Put your order number in the subject box. NOte that long sleeve shirts can average about $10.00 more.

Question: I don't see pocket T-shirts available. Is it still possible to get one?
Answer: Yes. See the previous question about long sleeve shirts and send us an email. Note: pocket shirts are from $2.00 to $5.00 more.

Question: Is shipping and tax included in the price?
Answer: Yes and no. If the shirt is being shipped to an address in the US and Puerto Rico or APO, the answer is yes. If you live outside of the US the answer is no. Shipping to Canada is usually $5.00 US for two shirts. Shipping to most other countries is $16.00 for up to two shirts. After that it works on a sliding scale that is tied to the weight of the package.

Question: Can you send me a catalog?
Answer: Sorry. We don't have any printed catalogs. Our catalog is on line.

Question: Do you sell wholesale?
Answer: Sorry, no.

Question: Are these REAL Harley-Davidson T-shirts?
Answer: Yes! These are the exact shirts you would be getting if YOU were in the store looking through the bins and racks. These are genuine authorized Harley-Davidson products.

Question: I put in an order, but I didn't any kind of an email from you. Is that right?
Answer: No! If you don't hear from us within 24 hours of you putting in an order, write to us. You are supposed to get an Order Confirmation within that period. The Order Confirmation tells you what you ordered (style, size, color, etc.) and most importantly: an Order Number. If you have any questions or any problems write to us and put the Order Number in the subject box.

Question: Do you sell to customers outside of the United States?
Answer: Yes! However there is an overseas charge that must be added to the price of the shirt that is displayed. Also, keep in mind that shipping goes by weight increments. For example, the cost of shipping two shirts (about $16.00 US) is the same as the cost for shipping one shirt. Each extra shirt after the second shirt increases the cost by about $5.00 US.

Question: I miscalculated the size of the shirt and now discovered it doesn't fit. Can I exchange it?
Answer: Yes. Write to us at: and include your order number in the subject box.

Question: What's a 'Featured Shirt' and 'Recent Arrival'?
Answer: These are the latest additions to our site. The little image of the shirt is located on what we call the 'right side bar' and the images are buttons that, when clicked, will take you directly to that dealership's page. This makes it easy to identify and locate the most recent additions to our site. Is there a difference between a 'Featured Shirt' and 'Recent Arrival'? No, not really. It's more of an esthetic seperation.

Question: Is this the MOST IMPORTATNT answer to be read regarding email?
Answer: YES! You MUST check your SPAM folder on a regular basis for emails from us. Most email programs look at our mail as SPAM.

Question: How long does it take to ship a shirt to me?
Answer: From the time of clearance of funds:
(Condition 1) - 3 weeks or less if international borders are not crossed for shipping. Shipping within the United States usually takes a few days.
(Condition 2) - Depending upon the international border(s) that has for shipping, 10 weeks or less. (Note: some deliveries may be longer as a customer in New Caledonia is at the mercy of monthly shipping intervals and are dependent upon the ocean weather)
(Condition 3) If during the shipping timeframe an "out of stock condition" surfaces, and the customer wishes to select another item, the timeframe clock is reset to "zero". When a replacement item is identified by the customer and all funds have been settled, see Conditions 1 and 2.
(Condition 4) If during the shipping timeframe an "out of stock condition" surfaces, and the customer wishes to wait until the item is restocked, the timeframe clock is reset to "zero". Upon re-stocking, see conditions 1 and 2.

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